Horti:CULTURE Book and Media Discussion Group

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What is the Horti:CULTURE Book and Media Discussion Group?

We redesigned our book club with the hopes of making it more accessible and interesting. This discussion group will bring folks together to talk about a range of media related to Women in Horticulture; books, articles, movies, and more. 

We hope the discussion group will:

  • Create a place to exchange ideas with a form of media as the foundation of discussion

  • Share the stories and experiences of historic and contemporary women in horticulture

  • Highlight the literary contributions of women 

  • Build professional and social connection

Check back here for information about our next read.

Previous reads:

  • A Woman's Hardy Garden by Helena Rutherford Ely | Meeting Recap 

  • Elizabeth and Her German Garden by Elizabeth von Arnim 

  • Silent Spring by Rachel Carson | Meeting Recap

  • A Gentle Plea for Chaos by Mirabel Osler | Meeting Recap

  • My Garden (Book) by Jamaica Kincaid  

What should we discuss next???​ 

Send your ideas to womeninhort@gmail.com or post on our social media. 

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