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Salary Roundtable at Jenkins Arboretum

November 4th, 10AM to 1PM

Colleagues and professionals from the horticulture, agriculture, and non-profit world are invited to discuss compensation issues in the green industry with Women in Horticulture at the beautiful Jenkins Arboretum.

This event is FREE and all from the "green industry" are welcome, regardless of knowledge level of the topics.


The morning will begin with an introduction by Cat Meholic into some of the available research on gender equity and resources available for professionals and workers.

Facilitators will guide small break out groups through a series of questions and prompts with the goals of:

1. Learning about the issues that face professionals and workers in regard to compensation.

2. Combining, publishing, and sharing access to collective resources and techniques to improve compensation.

3. Exploring the role Women in Horticulture has in supporting professionals and workers in this region on the topic of compensation.


Photographer, Andy Hollen, will be on site to take professional head shots for anyone in need of an updated photo. The fee is $30 per person. Please bring cash or check. This portion of the event is optional.

Snacks, coffee, and drinks will be provided.

What to bring:

Notebook and writing implement

Your business cards

List of any resources you use to look up compensation for jobs

BYO lunch if you want to stay after and connect further.

Thank you to Jenkins Arboretum for generously providing the space!

Address: Jenkins Arboretum 631 Berwyn Baptist Rd, Devon, PA 19333


Please RSVP to

or use the form on this page! 

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