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Attend an event and bring a friend or colleague with you! 


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Volunteer for Women in Hort. Interested in helping to organize an event, make flyers, write a blog post, join the board? We are entirely volunteer run and would love to welcome more people into our community. Check out our volunteer opportunities below or email us at


Donate through our PayPal account. Help us cover the costs of running this organization. We take donations so we can pay to host this website, print flyers, purchase materials for workshops, and more.


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We also participate in Brent & Becky's Bloomin' Bucks fundraising program. When ordering bulbs follow this link and select Women in Horticulture as the organization to support. 25% of your total purchase comes back to us! Read more about the program here.

We deeply appreciate any way you are able to support our organization! Remeber we are a registered non-profit organization. Our EIN is 84-4558538, in case you require it for any other donation purposes.

A sincere thank you to the individuals and organizations that support us! From hosting an event to volunteering as a presenter, we can't thank you enough!
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