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How do I find time to read?

As we are all pressed for time, it can be tricky to stay informed. Each week we select one article or blog post that takes under five minutes to read. These "reads" cover the topics of botany, women in industry, horticulture, nature, and history. We are always looking for the next "Five Minute Read", so email with your great suggestion!

Start small! Check out the Five Minute Reads section, or make a daily habit of reading for just ten minutes a day. You'll be through a book in no time, and be a little smarter too!


I want to start a book club can Women In Hort help?

You bet! We are hoping to get a Women in Hort book club off the ground. If you are interested and want to help us make this happen email

Read a good book?
Email your book review to

I've got a great book or article suggestion...

We are all about community input. So, if you have a book suggestion, or an article that takes less than 5 minutes to read, email us your suggestion to

Reading is a way to expand our minds, and try on new ideas for a little while. It is invaluable to growing your view on horticulture, and even the world! We have compiled a group of book reviews on all topics relating to Women in Horticulture to help you find the perfect book.


If you have read a great book lately on any topic included under the umbrella of "Women in Horticulture" send us your book review on it! We'll publish your name with the review, so you get all the credit for your suggestion. 

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