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Meet the blogger: Cat Meholic

"Telling women's stories to the world changes the way the world treats women" -Moira Donegan, The New Yorker

As a woman in horticulture, I have received more than my share of mentorship and guidance over the course of my career. Horticulturists are a generous group, and I would like to pay forward that generosity to others.

To do that, I started this blog to share the stories and wisdom of female horticulturists. It is essential for women in our industry to get their stories out there and be featured for their contributions to this field. I hope that this is a small way to do that.

The Featured Horticulturist Section of this blog is an extension of a feature on the Women in Horticulture Facebook page. Each month a horticulturist is nominated to be featured. They answer a short Q&A that gets posted the first Friday of the month. Each Friday after, the horticulturist provides inspiring images to share on the page. Then they nominate the next featured horticulturist. This blog sums up the Q&A and some of the wonderful images the horticulturists have shared!

To nominate a woman in horticulture to be featured on this blog and our Facebook page, please email with their name, and why you are nominating them.

The Historic Women in Hort Section highlights women that have made an impact in horticulture history. I hope that their stories can be shared to preserve their voices and accomplishments. Guest bloggers are welcome to write posts about these historic women. Please email me at to coordinate.

My interests in horticulture range from the professional to the casual. Among those interests are management of living collections, wild collecting (pictured above), hiking with my dogs, the constant editing and projects in my home garden, and of course volunteering for Women in Horticulture!

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