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Marimar Carrasco

Featured Horticulturist, Marimar Carrasco is a horticulturist in New Jersey that has quite the eye for garden aesthetics and photography!

Her inspiration for us is a series of photos from her adventures in European gardens!

"While in Ireland, I was able to attend the Bloom Garden Show. Bloom was launched by Bord Bia in 2007. Bloom showcases horticulture, garden design, and construction. It takes place In Phoenix Park in Dublin. At the entrance of the show, there were multiple large garden beds. Here Heucheras and Lupines are showcased." -Marimar Carrasco

"The Kylemore Abbey is located in Connemara, Ireland in the County of Galway. The beautiful woodland and lakeshore setting makes the location very idyllic. The Irish countryside should not be missed, if you ever get to visit this wonderful country!" -Marimar Carrasco

"Lupines, alliums, epimidiums, ferns and grasses here offer a very diversified planting design yet look perfectly balanced." -Marimar Carrasco

"The Garden itself is approximately 6 acres and includes a formal flower garden, vegetable garden, herbaceous border, fruit trees, a rockery, and an herb garden."

-Marimar Carrasco

"Palmengarten contained several different greenhouses that contained tropical and subtropical subspecies." -Marimar Carrasco

Thank you, Marimar for these beautiful images!

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