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Lori Hayes

Excited to share this Q&A from our first Featured Horticulturist, Lori Hayes of Philadelphia Parks & Recreation.

WinH: What is your current position and what got you there?

LH: I've worked for the Philadelphia Parks & Recreation for 36 years (formerly Fairmount Park Commission until 2011)

I've held various "Green titles" from Grounds Maintenance to Landscape Projects Technician to Regional Manager in Operations and Landscape Management.

I am a certified Arborist and PA State Master Gardener

LH: I studied Horticulture in High School, almost 40 years in Philadelphia.

WinH: What inspires you in horticulture?

LH: Inspiration includes seeing the world around me... what's blooming when and following the sequence of bloom times. Watching the seasons change and photographing / documenting day to (day) changes as plants and trees reach maturity.

WinH: What advice do you have for women in our industry?


1. Stay current

2. Be Involved

3. Show up everyday and encourage others

Thank you, Lori for doing the Q&A, and for your wonderful photos!

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