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Women in Hort at Meadowbrook




We appreciate all of the organizations that have hosted events or partnered with Women in Horticulture check out their websites here:

Special thank you to the following individuals for their contributions and support:

Kim Andrews

Kris Benarcik

Jenny Rose Carey

Zinnia Cheetham

Dorothy Ann Cross 

Laura Cruz

Ann Dixon

Erin McKeon Dougherty

Katie Dubow

Liz Fite

Denise Gilchrist 

Andrew Hollen

Marth Keen

Charlotte Kidd

Carol Long

Judy Magee

Tommy McCann

Samantha Nestory

Gerry O'Neill

Lynn Owens

Robin Rick

Jacqueline Ricotta

Kathy Salisbury

Hanna von Schlegell

Dr. Laura Sicola 

Mike Startup

Emily Tinalli

Susan Treadway

Tara Vent

Carol Wagner

Dr. Chantel White

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