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Get to know the Women in Horticulture!

We hope you will consider being part of our Membership Directory in order to better connect with other women in horticulture.

Questions? Email 
Membership Directory Form

We are starting a membership directory for everyone who has attended a Women in Horticulture event or volunteered with our organization.

If you wish to be in the Directory, and we hope you will, please use the form below.

At minimum, fill in your:

  • Full Name

  • Email

  • Whether or not you have attended a Women in Horticulture event.


You may also wish to add your:

  • Phone Number

  • Horticultural Skills

  • Workplace (If you are not currently employed, instead of posting a workplace, tell us what you want to be doing)

  • Fun Fact about yourself. For example, you may want to let us know that, “I yodel.”


Submit a photo of yourself by emailing Ann Dixon at

Thank you!



Thank you for submitting to the directory!

To Submit  a Photo of Yourself:

Email as attachment to


Ann Dixon

Skills include pruning, garden design and maintenance. Interested in native plants.

Runs the Women in Hort Membership Directory

Is a shiatsu practitioner.

Cat Meholic

University of Delaware Botanic Gardens

Is obsessed with her dogs, and is afraid of dead birds.

Focus is on curation of living collections, native plants, and conservation. Would like to join an international trip for wild collecting!

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