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Donation Fine Print

Since Women in Horticulture has not yet submitted for 501c3 status, we do not accept cash donations. However, we do need supplies to keep our events running smoothly! Below are supplies that we can always use. Contact to coordinate your much appreciated donation.

Business Supplies

The following items help maximize the effectiveness or our events! We need name tags to know who is who, printer paper for event flyers, and Staples Gift Cards to help with costs of printed materials. If you are able to donate any of these items, contact to coordinate the donation, and THANK YOU!

Door Prizes and Thank You Gifts

To engage our event attendees, and thank those that help and host we would love to provide small tokens of our appreciation. Some items that would help us do that are horticulture books, seed, plants, and marketing swag from gardens or for gardeners! Email to coordinate donations, and thank you for supporting Women in Horticulture!

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Donate Supplies

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